Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Adventure Continues

After a winter with relatively little sailing I'm off to Florida to skipper a yacht delivery from Port St. Joe to Nassau in the Bahamas. The boat is a 33 foot yawl and the trip should take a week or so. After that it's another delivery from St. Martin to New England via Bermuda and then some quality tramping around the East Coast. I should be back in Washington in July in time for some good music festivals then I'm off on a big expedition in late August. More about that later... This winter I made a few fantastic trips up to the San Juan Islands with friends in the COLD! We had a great time exploring and experiencing some extreme weather. I find it interesting that the weather here in winter is noticeably worse than the summer weather in Greenland! I'm definitely looking forward to some tropical sailing. A few weeks ago my friend Brian Caldwell came through on his way to France and we've got some exciting plans for some sailing adventures this summer. Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on the progress of this next trip. Ryan P.S. We're looking for crew for these upcoming adventures so if you're interested email me at southernocean@juno.com.


  1. You certainly have been busy! That's great! All this adventuring must be a real education.

    It's good you have the opportunity to do this while you're young enough to really enjoy it.

    Oh, and if you need an ocean-going sailboat, Zac Sunderland's Intrepid is up for sale for $59K!

    Good to hear from you, Ryan. Keep up the wonderful life!

    Peace <3

  2. Merry Christmas Ryan.

    Keep hoping for an update on your adventures. How was the Sailing this past year?

  3. Guess you're close to 20 now. Hope you're still out having a great time in life, Ryan! Love to hear from you again if you can.
    Tray M.