Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Island

We just got back from three days checking out the Big Island of Hawaii while we wait for the fuel tanks to be welded together and installed. The visit was way too short but it was good to check out another island and get away for a few days. We drove all around the island and saw a lot of really neat sights. I had hoped to walk up Mauna Kea, which happens to be the highest mountain in the world from base to summit, but we didn't have enough time.

We stayed at Honoka'a, which is a really neat little town on the northeast side of the island. The entire coastline from Hilo to Honoka'a was quite lush and beautiful and the people quite friendly. Waipi'o Valley was quite spectacular, a green valley that was the very first place that Polynesians came to Hawaii. All kinds of tropical fruit grew wild and the climate was prefect---not to hot at day and cool at night.

The best of the trip was when we went to the local pub and there happened to be some locals jamming at the pub. Linda mentioned that I played violin and soon a violin was pulled out for me to play. I spent the next few hours jamming with the locals and had a brilliant time. It is these spontanious expereinces that you can only get traveling. Here's a breif clip of us at the pub, not the best quality but a video nonetheless.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hawaii 2

We're finally almost ready to depart for San Diego. The problems with the boat have been more or less worked out and we're set to head out to sea again. While we were stuck here waiting for the boat parts to arrive, I've gotten work repairing boats and we've been out sailing as often as possible. In Hawaii I've met all kinds of amazing people and have had loads of time to catch up with Brian Caldwell and his family.

It's interesting how things turn out, I flew to Kauai three weeks ago to sail across the Pacific and found myself fully employed three days later on Oahu! We're spending aa few days checking out the Big Island and then will make the final preparations to leave. Here's a few pics from Hawaii.